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Entries for July, 2006

1945 – a vertical scrolling shooter

1945 is a clone of the popular vertical scrolling shooter 1942. Again, the graphics in the game were taken from the Spritelib by Ari Feldman. This game will serve as the basis for the screencasts once we finish Arinoid. The screencasts will probably begin with screencast 6. In the meantime, I am hoping that you’ll […]

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Indie Game Developers Can Compete With Big Studios On Game Physics

It’s a great time to be a game player – games look more and more realistic as graphics technology improves, and shader-capable graphics cards have become a necessity. We’re at the beginning of another game technology cycle – Microsoft’s XBox 360 is already out, and the buzz about Nintendo’s Wii and Sony’s PS3 paints a […]

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C++ Framework For SDL?

The Simple DirectMedia Layer, or SDL, is a cross-platform multimedia library for the C language that is commonly used for making games. This is the library which powers Pygame, and most of the things contained in the Pygame screencasts may be easily applied to SDL, and other language bindings for SDL, as a consequence, since […]

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What Have You Accomplished In Game Programming This Past Year?

Jon Trainer of Make Mac Games made a simple, yet very inspiring post about the progress that he has made in his first year of running his site. I really admire his self-initiative, which has led him to progress well in his game programming efforts, and most significantly, allowed him to publish his first game. […]

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