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Entries for October, 2006

Sony to Block PS3 Imports into Europe

The BBC reports on Sony’s decision to block PS3 Euro imports before its official European release, which means that European gamers will only be able to purchase PS3’s in March 2007. I think it’s a shame that European consumers, and gamers from all other parts of the world other than the United States and Japan, […]

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100 Issues of Computer Gaming World – Free Download! I think that this is an enormous resource not just for game enthusiasts, but for game developers as well. Knowing about the beginnings of this industry should help us understand where this industry is headed. For beginning game developers, this is also a great resource, because it’s a great exhibition of what’s possible with […]

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Pygame Starfield Rain

It rained yesterday afternoon, and I had the chance to observe raindrops descend from the edge of a roof while I gave an exam to some of my math students. While doing so, I thought that the effect that it gave might look good as a starfield in a space shooter. And so, we have […]

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Four Game Development Books For $20!

I just came across one of the best bargains I’ve ever had. To prepare for an abstract algebra exam which I’m having on Monday, I planned to buy a copy of Schaum’s Outline of Abstract Algebra, which I heard contains a lot of solved problems. To my knowledge, only one major bookstore chain sells Schaum’s […]

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