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Entries for December, 2006

Finishing a game…

Over at the Indiegamer forums, they’re running a thread asking what everyone is currently working on. I’ve decided to participate: Basically, the objective here is to prevent the characters from falling by catching them with the flying creature at the bottom edge of the screen, which you control. Right now, I’m using graphics from Spritelib, […]

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Shooting Mechanism Demo

As a follow up to the background scrolling example, I’ve modified the 1945 code again to emphasize how the shooting mechanism works. Basically, the player is given two options for shooting: Every distinct click of the left mouse button guarantees one shot. Holding the left mouse button will make shots appear at regular intervals (rapid […]

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Pygame Scrolling Background

One of the questions that I’m asked most often is how the background scrolling in 1945 works. To answer this question, I’ve removed some of the code from the original 1945 code, added a few things, and came up with this scrolling demo: The best way to understand how the scrolling actually works is by […]

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Typing Game Source Code

I’m currently working on a Pygame project (will post again as soon as it’s done! 🙂 ), and I’m now in the process of implementing the high score entry feature. One of my concerns was how to get keyboard input – while there are many examples of how to get keyboard input through the event […]

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