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Entries for January, 2007

Microsoft confirms Zune will play games by July 2008

If this does push through, I’m wondering if Microsoft will offer a way for hobbyists or independent developers to make their own games for it, ala Game Studio Express. My impression is that it will be much more achievable for a single person / person with very limited or no financial resources to make games […]

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Game Development Bootable Linux Distribution

Over at the pygame-users mailing list, Horst F. Jens is looking for people interested in making a bootable USB drive with Linux, Python, and Pygame on it. I think that this is a great idea! I’ve been looking for something like this for quite some time now, and I’m glad that this is starting out. […]

Comments (6) Accessibility Game Coding Contest

Finally! I was able to upload my entries to DonationCoder’s contest, despite the problems that I was having earlier. I was able to find a computer with a good internet connection (thank you!) 🙂 . I will be making posts about this at this forum page on Thanks in advance for trying my games! […]

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Internet in the Philippines slow because of quake

Internet access here in the Philippines has been very difficult recently because of the Taiwan quake. Despite this, I’m still very thankful that the internet connection that I use still allowed me to upload my entries to the the Accessibility Game Coding Contest. Unfortunately, internet access has been exceptionally difficult over the past days, […]

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