Arinoid now has sound! I think that sound plays a very important role in the overall game experience, and I hope that you will all like this minor update.

Download Arinoid with Sound. Requires Python and Pygame.

The sounds were taken from Flashkit, which I think is a fantastic resource for game developers looking for free sound effects and free sound loops for background music. There are many sound samples to choose from, and they are neatly categorized to make browsing easier. What makes browsing the sound collection fun is the site’s use of preview consoles, which allows the user to play sound samples on the page, with matching visualization. Once you find what you want, you may download the sound sample as an MP3 or as a WAV, which may be used immediately in your game, or edited using an audio editor like the highly-recommended Audacity.

Picking sounds for this project was a very interesting activity – there were so many sounds to choose from! I hope that my choices were okay :).

I would really appreciate it, and I’m sure everyone would, if you know of a resource which can help game developers add sound to their games easily, just like Flashkit, and share it with us! 🙂 Just leave a comment if you have something in mind. I suppose that these types of resources will be particularly useful for those who plan to join PyWeek 3 :). Thanks in advance!