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Entries for the ‘arinoid’ Category

Arinoid with Sound

Arinoid now has sound! I think that sound plays a very important role in the overall game experience, and I hope that you will all like this minor update. Download Arinoid with Sound. Requires Python and Pygame. The sounds were taken from Flashkit, which I think is a fantastic resource for game developers looking for […]

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Video Tutorial 4 – Arinoid – Ball Physics

At last, video tutorial 4 is here! I would like to apologize for the terrible delay, and thank you so much for your patience! 🙂 You may notice some mistakes in the screenshots though – in particular when the code that converts between integers and floating point numbers is displayed. The highlighted code is correct, […]

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Transcript 3 – Arinoid – The Paddle

Hello and welcome to screencast number 3. Today, we will continue building our game Arinoid by adding a paddle. We will use the paddle to deflect the ball, and we want to be able to control it using the mouse. The paddle image is contained in our sprite sheet. However, the image spans two […]

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Video Tutorial 3 – Arinoid – The Paddle

Finally! Today, we will be adding the first sprite in our game, the paddle, which is controlled using the mouse. At this point, we will be able to benefit from the setting-up that we have done in the first two screencasts.

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Transcript 2 – Using Sprite Sheets and Drawing the Background

Hello again and welcome to screencast number 2. Today, we are going to look into using sprite sheets and drawing the background for the game Arinoid. The graphics for Arinoid were all taken from a single bitmap file called a sprite sheet. We have to find a way to extract the graphics that we […]

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Video Tutorial 2 – Using Sprite Sheets and Drawing the Background

To run the code for this screencast, you will need to have a data subdirectory containing the Arinoid sprite sheet file. You can easily fulfill this requirement by downloading the arinoid source from the post on Arinoid. Also, this will be needed for most, if not all, of the upcoming screencasts.

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Arinoid – an Arkanoid clone

For our first game, let’s try to write an Arkanoid clone. The graphics in the game were taken from the freely available Spritelib by Ari Feldman.

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