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Entries for the ‘gamedev’ Category

Multiplayer Dots and Boxes

Hi everyone! I finally managed to complete a game using Nonoba’s Multiplayer API, and this is what I came up with: Please play the game now – and bring a friend with you! If you have your own site / blog / page, I highly encourage you to embed the game in it as well. […]

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Co-founders of Codemasters made ‘Commanders of the Order of the British Empire (CBE)’

Full story at the BBC. I am happy that the brothers David and Richard Darling, who started their company in the mid-80’s, were honored for their “services to the computer games industry”. They have blazed a trail for independent game developers to follow, and I am truly grateful to them for their pioneering efforts as […]

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Poor Man’s Flash

John Hattan has written a review of Express Animator on, and Flex SDK / Silverlight developers who do not have access to the corresponding designer’s tools (Flash / Expression Blend) might find his review interesting. Express Animator, as stated in the product name, is a tool that allows you to make animations, and publish […]

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Music and Sound Effects for Games

A great article called Tools of the Trade has just been posted on MochiLand. It gives a list of software and libraries which you can use to generate sound effects and music for your games. Among the different aspects of game development, I think I’m weakest at sound matters. This is something that has to […]

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Make a Flash Game for Free

One of the main reasons why people aren’t able to make their own Flash games is because the development environment is expensive. Currently, a copy of Flash CS3 Professional costs US$699, an amount which most people can’t just pull out of their wallet (although I think that this price is very reasonable, considering the product’s […]

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Herder – now in Flash

Herder, a one button game, now in Flash! I haven’t posted anything in a very, very long time, and I apologize for this. Recently, I have had time to pursue game programming again, and as a result, I was able to learn programming Flash games using the free Flex SDK, a programmer-oriented SWF development tool […]

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Herder – a one button web game

Play Herder Now! Hi everyone. I know that it’s been a very, very long time since I last posted. I’ve been doing some thinking about the direction that this site should take, and I was able to make some “preliminary decisions” in the process, which I hope to explain more in a future post. In […]

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Arinoid with Sound

Arinoid now has sound! I think that sound plays a very important role in the overall game experience, and I hope that you will all like this minor update. Download Arinoid with Sound. Requires Python and Pygame. The sounds were taken from Flashkit, which I think is a fantastic resource for game developers looking for […]

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Torque X Notes

Torque X Notes at Version 0.1 – June 13, 2007 This is a very rough guide/outline that I put together for my personal use to help me understand TGBX better and faster – you may or may not find this useful :). I don’t claim to have come up with all of this – […]

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Subpixel Rendering for Pygame

Will McGugan has just posted some Pygame code that will allow subpixel rendering, which should allow Pygame developers to render smooth looking graphics using software rendering only. I haven’t tried the code yet, although it says in the post that the rendering should be as fast as ordinary blits, but more memory will be taken […]

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David Perry’s Project Top Secret I’m trying to beat a deadline, and need the space to submit an entry, so I made this entry for me to be able to upload something. I’m sorry if that previous paragraph didn’t make sense – I’ll add details later. 😀

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