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Entries for the ‘physics’ Category

Call For Proposals: AI Game Programming Wisdom 4

From Once again Charles River Media and series editor Steve Rabin are looking for game developers to share their wisdom in the next brand new volume of the groundbreaking AI Game Programming Wisdom series. Anything that an AI game programmer would typically deal with is fair game, including pathfinding, AI architecture, animation control, scripting, […]

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Bullet Physics Contest 2007

Videos of the entries to the Bullet Physics Contest 2007 have been posted online. The participants were asked to build a Rube Goldberg device (like the ones in the game The Incredible Machine), and the winner will get a Sony PS3. A Nintendo Wii will also be given as a prize.

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Bullet Physics Video

Erwin Coumans, the person behind the Bullet Physics engine, will give away a PSP to the winner of the recently concluded Build A Cool Blender Game – Win a PSP contest. Watch the contest entries in action at YouTube. I think that an using an integrated content creation, game development, and physics solution like Blender/Bullet/Python […]

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Indie Game Developers Can Compete With Big Studios On Game Physics

It’s a great time to be a game player – games look more and more realistic as graphics technology improves, and shader-capable graphics cards have become a necessity. We’re at the beginning of another game technology cycle – Microsoft’s XBox 360 is already out, and the buzz about Nintendo’s Wii and Sony’s PS3 paints a […]

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