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Entries for the ‘transcripts’ Category

Transcript 3 – Arinoid – The Paddle

Hello and welcome to screencast number 3. Today, we will continue building our game Arinoid by adding a paddle. We will use the paddle to deflect the ball, and we want to be able to control it using the mouse. The paddle image is contained in our sprite sheet. However, the image spans two […]

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Transcript 2 – Using Sprite Sheets and Drawing the Background

Hello again and welcome to screencast number 2. Today, we are going to look into using sprite sheets and drawing the background for the game Arinoid. The graphics for Arinoid were all taken from a single bitmap file called a sprite sheet. We have to find a way to extract the graphics that we […]

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Transcript 1 – Making a Barebones Pygame Program

When I posted the second screencast, I mentioned that I haven’t been able to post this transcript yet. Thanks to the Post Timestamp feature of WordPress, I was able to position this entry earlier than the said screencast, even though I posted that first :). For the record, this was posted later than the second […]

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