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Originally, Herder was an entry that I submitted to The 2006 Accessibility Game Programming Contest, and it was made using the Python programming language, with the help of the Pygame multimedia library. Through that contest, I was able to win some wonderful prizes, including a license to GarageGames' Torque X. Using this product, I rewrote Herder using Microsoft's free Visual C# Express compiler and XNA Game Studio Express, included new graphics, and submitted the result to Microsoft's Dream Build Play 2007 Contest and Intel's Game Demo Contest 2007. I thought that Herder might work well as a web game, given its simplicity, and after some searching, I found the Adobe Flex SDK, an excellent, programmer-friendly, and free tool for making Flash applications, such as games. Using this tool, Herder "lo-fi" (based on the original Python version, in contrast to the graphically-enhanced C# version) for the web was made, and here's the result. :) I'd love to hear your comments and suggestions, and I hope you like the game!

How To Play


Herder is a switch game (one-button game). Hold the (left) mouse button to change the orientation of the snake's rotation, and encircle the bubbles using the snake to make them disappear. In order to eliminate the floating bubbles, which is the objective of the game, you need to have the correct orientation and the snake's color should match the bubble's color - this will be better understood once the game is played, and I think it can be easily figured out :). Try to herd multiple bubbles at the same time for bigger points!

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