Info about Lazy Susan
My Notes about Lazy Susan

This is my second project done in Flex, and was inspired by a trip to a Chinese restaurant (see Lazy Susan on Wikipedia). Everything is drawn using flash.display.Graphics, and figuring out how to draw the "lazy susan pies" using lineTo, curveTo, and some simple trigonometry was quite fun - I was actually able to reuse the code for the balls in Trappit. I added some code that prevents shapes from being drawn when they're outside the screen bounds, but I'm not sure if this was necessary - perhaps the Flash Player does this automatically?

How To Play

Arrow keys to move.


Lazy Susan is a "collect game" played from a scrolling top view perspective. What makes the gameplay unique is that the playing field is made up of "Lazy Susans" that rotate (or sometimes even move along paths) and influence the player's movement.

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