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My Notes about Robots and Aliens: Reactor Twist 3D

Reactor Twist 3D is the first in a series of Flash games called Robots and Aliens. The game manages to give a great first impression, thanks to well-done 3D graphics powered by the Sandy 3D Engine. Fortunately, the two arcade-style game modes that the game offers are quite fun, too.

The game offers two modes: Reactor Mode, which comes in easy and normal variants, and the Survival Mode. In both modes, the game takes place in a circular arena, you control a shot-firing alien in the middle, and robots walk from the edge of the circular arena towards you. It is your job to keep the robots away from the center. The two game modes express this mechanic in different ways. In reactor mode, energy containers are placed around the alien, and the robots will try to grab these energy containers from you. To keep this from happening, you will have to shoot at the robots to keep them away from the energy containers. In survival mode, you simply shoot the robots before they get to you, and they will leave behind bolts which you can then collect for points.

It's interesting to note that the Survival Mode wasn't in the game's initial release, but because of MochiAds Version Control, the developers were able to update the game even if it has already spread all over the web.

I'm guessing that the sounds were made using sfxr, can anyone confirm this? :)

When playing the game, I recommend that you adjust the camera to an overhead view so that you will be better able to see the threats around you.

The Robots and Aliens team did a great job with putting this very well-polished game together, and it would be interesting to see what they come up next.

How To Play

OBJECTIVE: Stop the Robots from stealing the Alien's reactor core containers! You complete a stage when the timer reaches zero and there is at least one container left. You lose a life for each container that the Robots steal. Lose all lives and --- 'Game Over'. Good luck!! HINTS and TIPS: Whatever happens, don't panic! Keep your head cool and a finger on the trigger. Twist around to make sure the Robots don't sneak up from behind. Keep an eye out for Robots that hold 'special shots'. Use these wisely - you'll need them!!


Shoot the Robots before they destroy the Alien's reactor core - fast-paced gameplay in real-time 3D!

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