Intel® Game Demo Contest 2007
Show us Your Game!
Win great exposure and your share of over $95,000 worth of Prizes, including:

  • Meetings with game company executives — for a possible bundling deal
  • A Gateway gaming machine worth at least $3,000
  • $5,000 in custom art for your demo
  • A Giga pass to the Game Developers Conference 2008
  • Copies of Garage Games’ Torque Engine Advanced and other content prizes
  • An International Game Developers Association membership
  • A full suite of Intel® Software Development Products
  • and of course, loads of cash.

If I find extra time on my hands, I’m really considering joining this contest. I think that this is a great opportunity – and the prizes are really attractive :).

More importantly, by joining this contest, there’s a need to follow the set deadline – executables must be in by August 15. Having a clear deadline helps in setting concrete dates for milestones, etc.

Regarding the chance of winning, Intel has given a very encouraging words on this:

The chances are good! AAA developers often have exclusive deals for distribution of their game demos, or they have an existing technology relationship with Intel which would disqualify them from the contest. We expect that the vast majority of our entries will be from small developers and student groups.

Intel also hosted a similar contest last year, and the 2006 winners page should give everyone a good idea of what constitutes a winning entry.

There’s a special mention of GaragegamesTorque Game Builder and Torque Game Engine products. Fortunately, I won indie licenses to these products some time ago, and hopefully they’ll be put to good use in this competition.

I’ll see all of you at the competition! And hopefully, I’ll see myself as well! 🙂