GameProducer.Net had a chance to talk with Adrian Crook, game producer at Relic Entertainment. Relic has stunning games in their portfolio, for example: Homeworld, Company of Heroes and The Outfit.

In this interview, Adrian describes the work of a game producer, and even says that “the lack of a ‘typical’ day is probably what I like best about being a producer!” He shares that he got his start in the game industry at the QA department of EA Canada in 1995, and got work as a Producer a year later.

When asked about how someone can land a job in the game industry, Adrian responds:

I get asked this question all the time. You could go to a game school like Vancouver Film School, or work on a mod, or get a job in the production, QA or Balance departments of a developer or publisher. Or all of the above. Either way, you need to demonstrate a love of games and solid communication and organizational skills. Then you need to get noticed somehow… so taking any game industry job to start is a good thing. If you’re an awesome performer and vocal about your career goals, then you’ll likely end up where you want to be.

A whole lot more is discussed in the interview, so go read it! 😀