I’m currently working on a Pygame project (will post again as soon as it’s done! 🙂 ), and I’m now in the process of implementing the high score entry feature. One of my concerns was how to get keyboard input – while there are many examples of how to get keyboard input through the event loop, I thought that it would be a hassle to check for every key (K_a, K_b, etc…) after checking for a KEYDOWN event.

Of course, I still think that the best source for Pygame event-handling information is the EventList program that comes with the Pygame examples, which may be obtained from the Pygame Documentation Windows Installer or the Pygame Source Package. So I went through the EventList code, and came up with this:

Typing Game

This very simple program, which is a slightly modified version of the barebones pygame program, implements a very simple typing game. I hope that you will find this code useful, and perhaps this can be the start of a complete typing game!

Typing Game Source Code