To run the code for this screencast, you will need to have a data subdirectory containing the Arinoid sprite sheet file. You can easily fulfill this requirement by downloading the arinoid source from the post on Arinoid. Also, this will be needed for most, if not all, of the upcoming screencasts.

tiled background

If you want to follow along the screencast, you will need an image editor that will allow you to select subregions of images and get the size and location of the selected subregion. To do this, I use The GIMP, a free and full-featured image editor. Of course, you can use any image editor that you’re comfortable with. In fact, I would love to know about your image editor suggestions :)!

By the way, once you view the screencast, you may notice that I select regions using The GIMP’s Crop and Resize Tool. Although it does the job, I still think that there’s a tool that’s more appropriate for the job. Can you help me out on this :)?

I know I haven’t posted the transcript for the first screencast yet ;), but I plan to do so soon, and the same goes for this screencast :).

screencast 2 source