Jon Trainer of Make Mac Games made a simple, yet very inspiring post about the progress that he has made in his first year of running his site. I really admire his self-initiative, which has led him to progress well in his game programming efforts, and most significantly, allowed him to publish his first game. A lot of game programmers (myself included!) have dabbled in game programming for substantial amounts of time, yet haven’t even completed, let alone published, a polished game. His post has been an unexpected wake up call for me, and I hope that it helps me make a similar report a year from now :).

I can see at least two lessons which can be learned from this post, depending on the time that you have spent game programming. For those who are new to game programming, this post demonstrates that a lot of things can be done within a span of one year, as long as you set goals, and act on them! For those who have been into game programming for more than a year yet have no game to show (again, including me! :)), this is a reminder of what could have been if you (and I :)) had taken the plunge to make that first game, regardless of how simple it is, without worrying too much about getting it perfect the first time, with all the debates about the best language, the best approach, etc. It’s time to stop reading about games, and to start actually making them! Of course, reading shouldn’t stop completely – you (and I, again :)) just have to apply what has been read :).

With this, I would like to make a few comments about the direction that this site will take over the next few months. Of course, the production of game programming screencasts will continue, and I will start a few more game programming projects. At the same time, I will also try to make some posts about game development, in particular, topics which are of interest to the beginner.

Of course, I would love to hear about what you think, so please leave comments on the site if you have any questions or suggestions on how this site can help you better. I would like us to take this journey together, hoping that the coming year will be as fruitful, if not more, as that of Jon’s for all of us.

Here’s hoping that we will have new, complete games to play next year (or even sooner)!